Monday, June 05, 2017

Launch Emacs for Windows with Batch File using Emacs Configuration from Cygwin

I maintain a shared Emacs configuration under Linux and Cygwin. In Windows, I wanted to easily launch Emacs from the Desktop with the following goals.

  • Create a shortcut in the taskbar that launches Emacs for Windows
  • Have Emacs for Windows obey the Emacs configuration from Cygwin
  • Avoid opening extra console windows

Some prerequisites,

I created a file called c:\cygwin64\emacs.bat with the following contents.
c:\cygwin64\bin\run bash.exe -c ~/dotfiles/bin/

The file ~/dotfiles/bin/ is a shell script that sits in my Cygwin directory. It is a wrapper script that calls Emacs for Windows if I'm running Cygwin.

It is assumed that the default Emacs configuration sits in the ~/.emacs file under Cygwin.

Pin the c:\cygwin64\emacs.bat script to your task bar. See below if you do not know how to do this. Clicking on it will open Emacs for Windows without any intervening console windows.


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