Tuesday, July 01, 2014

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention blocks Chromecast

There are multiple reasons why Chrome may display the Chromecast "No Cast devices found" message when you try to cast a webpage. One such reason is blocking that is performed by McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention. If you are running McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, confirm this by opening it and click on the "Activity Log" tab. You may see multiple copies of the following message.

Google Chrome (chrome.exe) Blocked Incoming UDP - Source xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx : (xxxx) Destionation xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Block All Traffic

To resolve this issue, you will need to add an exception to the Firewall.

Click on the "Firewall Policy" tab. Click Add.

On the Action and Direction page, enter "chromecast" as the Name. Select Either for the Direction. For Action, click Allow and click Next.

On the Protocol and Address(es) pages, for Network Protocol, select Any Protocol. Click Next.

On the Protocol and Ports page, click Next.

On the Application page, click Next.

On the Set schedule page, click Finish.

After these changes have been made, you should be able to access the cast device in Chrome. If not, you may have another problem. To isolate the problem, try the following.
  • disable the firewall
  • disable VPN connection

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