Monday, March 31, 2014

Mounting OpenELEC shares from a linux client

If you are running OpenELEC, there may be the need to access the OpenELEC filesystem from a client computer. Unfortunately, simply enabling SAMBA (without setting a password) on OpenELEC only allows Windows clients to connect to it. For Linux clients, attempting to mount OpenELEC shares results in the system prompting for the password even though one is not set by default.

To resolve this issue, add a password for the SAMBA service in the OpenELEC configuration settings. Now both Windows and Linux systems can mount shares on the OpenELEC system.

Here is the command to mount a OpenELEC share from a Linux client.
sudo mkdir /mnt/openelec
sudo mount -o username=<OpenELEC SAMBA username>,password=<OpenELEC SAMBA password> //<host>/<share> /mnt/openelec

The default OpenELEC SAMBA username and password are openelec and openelec.

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