Sunday, June 17, 2012

Include another folder in your Windows 7 library

The default library in Windows 7 points to a folder in c:/Users/<username>. It is possible to include additional folders as part of the library. Use the following steps to add additional folders to the library.

Open a new folder

In the navigation pane on the left, right click on one of the library folders. Library folders include Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos. Select Properties when the context menu is displayed. Click on "Include a folder." Navigate to the folder you would like to include and click the "Include folder" button.

If you would like newly created files to be saved to this new location, select one of the folders in the "Library locations" and click "Set save location."

Click the OK button  to apply the new setting.

If you would like to move the contents of your old folder to this new one, manually browse to c:/Users/<username>, and move the files to the new location.

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