Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sluggish vehicle performance?

If you have sluggish performance with your vehicle, you may need to clean your fuel system. I came across the Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner while at Costco. A gentleman walked up, picked up a case and said to me "this stuff works." He mentioned he used to work in the automotive industry. I am very reluctant when it comes to products like this. I decided to google it. What I found was very interesting. This item has amazing reviews at Amazon. Here is Chevron's page on this product. The fuel system cleaner has the following subset of features:
  • Helps restore fuel efficiency
  • Helps restore lost power and drivability
  • Protects fuel gauge from malfunctioning by coating all metal surfaces.
  • Helps prevent engine knocks and pings
  • Cleans chambers, intake valves, ports, and injectors
    I will definitely give this a try and report back. Costco sells this item as a case of 6 bottles for $17.

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