Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shopping for mortgage lenders with the lowest fee

I have done quite a lot of comparisons between mortgage lenders. The best lender in terms of fees is AHC Lending. Note, I purposely didn't say best rates. Many lenders advertise a rate without mentioning the fees involved. This is very deceptive. The question to ask is, at a given rate, who has the lowest fee. Of the various lenders that I have interacted, AHC Lending by far has the lowest fee. AHC Lending is known as an Upfront Mortgage Lender. This means the rates offered by them are publicly available and updated in real time on their website. The fee advertised on AHC Lending website is the final fee that they charge. There is nothing hidden.


If you do decide to shop around, ask for the Good Faith Estimate (GFE). This tally will show exactly what the lender charges. Make sure the fees are properly listed on the GFE. Use the fees shown in the GFE to compare across different lenders. The amount shown in the GFE is the bottom line.

AHC Lending (website)

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