Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What caused a bluescreen or application to crash?

Whenever you encounter a Windows Stop Error (blue screen of death), a crash file is generated automatically by Windows. The crash file contains information about the state of the computer at the time of the crash. It is sometimes possible to extract useful information from this crash file to determine the case of the crash. I have used BlueScreenView to analyze a crash file. Simply run this program after you reboot your computer. It provided some information and was only slightly helpful in my case. Your case may be different and any information you can gather about the cause of the Stop Error can be extremely helpful.

Whenever an application crashes, information on the crash is also saved by Windows. You can use AppCrashView to analyze this information to understand more about the cause of the crash.

BlueScreenView (download)
AppCrashView (download)

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